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PV Slate

PV Slates work seamlessly with natural slates for the most discrete and attractive solar roofs - ever



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PV Slates combine seamlessly with natural blue-grey slates to make solar power from a traditional-looking roof.  They are both lighter and stronger than traditional slates, yet can work alongside them to be cost-effectively fitted on any new slate roof. 

Manufactured in Wales, PV Slate has been designed and independently tested to withstand the extremes of the UK’s weather, made of toughened glass and high quality aluminium.  Every PV Slate comes with a 25 year warranty on product, solar performance and weatherproofing.

These are the only solar products that looks like tiles or slates currently certified by the MCS scheme.  You can search the MCS product database for the words such as "slate" or "tile" to see the status of equivalent products.  Solar products require MCS certification for smart meter export tariffs and to reduce the building's EPC rating.

With hundreds of installations around the UK and popular with Local Authority planning departments, PV Slate is the perfect solution if you want quality materials for your building project.


The standard 500x250 PV Slate unit has a peak output of 28W.  Each 500x250 unit replaces four natural 500x250 slates, covering an area of 0.2sqm.  PV Slate units cost £225/sqm or £6,520.00 for a 4kW system.

The above prices do not include installation, delivery or VAT.  PV Slates can be installed by GB-Sol or your roofer (still wired by GB-Sol and fitted under our supervision) at a similar speed and cost as the natural slates they replace.  VAT is currently 0% for all UK domestic solar installations.

Note that PV Slates needs a border of natural or infill slates, so you need to account for about 0.5m of border around all edges, roof windows and other penetrations when calculating the available area for power generation.

In addition, you would need our Electrics & Commissioning pack to cover the inverter, electrical installation, commissioning, handover pack and MCS Certificate - as you would on any other solar PV installation.


PV Slate looks even more amazing when taken edge-to-edge by using the same materials to make the surrounding "infill" slates.  You would never know it wasn't a natural slate roof.  Please contact us for more details.




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PV Slates work seamlessly with natural slates for the most discrete and attractive solar roofs - ever


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