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PV for light houses and navigation

We make specially designed panels for use on Navigation Buoys and Lighthouses

The power for navigation lighting and electronics cannot be easily provided by any source except Solar PV.
There are few more challenging environments for a PV Modules to survive, than a buoy in the ocean. It suffers extremes of motion, attack from the salty marine atmosphere, impact with vessels, bird strikes and weed growth.
GB-Sol has been the main supplier of marine navigation PV modules to Trinity House, Northern Lighthouse board and Commission for Irish lights.
Our panels are manufactured and tested to operate in these harsh conditions, and to be compatible with legacy modules and buoys.
We can provide much higher output than the original panels that we replace.
We build and test units which include industry specific ‘wet pluggable’ connectors.
Custom sized panels can be supplied for bespoke buoys and immersable objects.
Modules may be built with a charge controller built into the terminal box.

A data sheet for the standard dimension panel can be downloaded here.

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