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Brise Soleil

Brise-soleil solar shading systems can be produced using solar PV panels and are proving a very logical and popular addition to all kinds of buildings.

Whether new or as a retrofit option, it offers architects and contractors a versatile and practical solution to managing solar radiation, whilst combining performance with visual appeal.

Our Solar shading systems are developed to help address sustainability requirements and to minimise a building’s carbon footprint.  Its environmental benefits improve the thermal performance of a building, which include:

Generating renewable energy.
Reducing the reliance on mechanical cooling systems.
Allowing high levels of natural light reducing the need for artificial lighting.

GB-Sol has produced bespoke sizes in either standard construction format, with transparent back sheets and glass/glass construction where a design without a mounting frame is selected.

These solar panels then replace the louvers, blades of the brise-soleil element. We also factory fit mounting brackets and frameworks to specification. GB-Sol solar shading design engineers will assist from the early stages of building design to develop the optimal solution for the specific needs of the project taking into consideration the structural, environmental, architectural and build-time constraints.

GB-Sol has a national network of installers who can be introduced to the implementation team at an early stage in the project plan.

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