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Solar Panel Myths

Friday, 17 June 2022

Here at GB-Sol we love everything solar. Being a leader in solar roofing systems we know quite a lot about them. So much so that we also know what the most common myths about solar panels are.

Here at GB-Sol we love everything solar. Being a leader in solar roofing systems we know quite a lot about them. So much so that we also know what the most common myths about solar panels are.

Let’s bust the top 5 solar panel myths:

Myth 1: The UK isn’t sunny enough for solar panels

This is the biggest myth that we hear all of the time!

Whilst the UK may not be known for it’s sunny climate, it is a myth that photovoltaic panels (solar panels) require heat (sunlight) to work. Solar panels require UV light to work which, even in winter, the UK gets several hours of daylight every day to generate electricity.

Myth 2: You can’t recoup the investment in a solar roof system

It is difficult to predict the exact period of time that it would take you to recoup your investment as there are many factors to consider, including:

  • Location, elevation and orientation of the solar panels - these play a part in how much electricity your solar roofing system can generate
  • Your househould size and energy consumption - the bigger the household and/or the more electricity that you use, the quicker you will recoup your investment
  • Energy costs - with energy prices rising all of the time, the more they rise the greater the savings that you make
  • The cost of your solar roofing system

When purchasing a GB-Sol solar roof system our team can give you a predicted estimate of how much electricity you are likely to generate, with an accurate estimation given once one of our qualified surveyors have inspected your property.

Myth 3: Solar roofing solutions are complicated and expensive

Complexity and cost depends on the system being installed. The GB-Sol PV Slate for example replaces the need for traditional slates and pricing for installation are comparable to those of traditional slates. You are also able to choose the split between PV Slate and traditional slate for your roofing system; if you do not require a full solar roof.

GB-Sol PV Slate roofing system

Myth 4: Solar panels can damage the roof and/or property

Usually damage occurs from incorrect installation, or debris and pests trapped in-between on-roof systems.

The GB-Sol range of solar roofing products are designed to be installed on, or replace, your current roof so are unlikely to cause damage. We offer full installation services or can work with your roofer to support them in installing the system.

Myth 5: Solar panels require a lot of maintenance and repair

Until recently, on-roof solar panels were the most common type of solar panels. These did require a lot of maintenance; mostly because they were installed above the roof suface, and so debris would build up in-between the panels and the roof.

The gap between the panel and roof also became attractive shelter for birds and small animals - meaning regular maintenance was required to keep the area clear.

Fast forward to today, and whilst this can depend on the provider you go with, significant maintenance and repair isn’t a thing!

GB-Sol provides a range of products from PV Slate to Roofing Integrated Systems. The GB-Sol Infinity Roof is, as the name implies, a complete roof built using solar technology; removing the need for a traditional roof and more importantly no gaps!

GB-Sol products come with a 25 year warranty as standard for your complete peace of mind.

GB-Sol Infinity solar roofing system

GB-Sol is the leading manufacturer of beautifully elegant and bespoke roofing systems, made right here in the UK. If you would like to know more about our products, please contact our friendly team.