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Tesla’s push forward in Technology?

Tesla chief executive Elon Musk addressed an audience in Los Angeles as he unveiled his company’s newest energy product – solar roof tiles that look exactly like normal tiles.

Well, miles ahead of Tesla, GB-Sol already offers such a product… the PV Slate. Launched earlier this year, it’s designed to look exactly like natural slate and blend seamlessly into the roof. Each PV slate has an output of 35Wp so its output per square metre is comparable with standard solar panels.

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GB-Sol’s new Sol-Port solar carport

This week, we completed construction of our ‘Sol-Port’ solar carport outside our factory. Nine photovoltaic (PV) panels are integrated into the structure providing a 2.25kWp system. This should generate approximately 1885kWh per year. The panels are semi-transparent, so there is a pleasing dappled light under the canopy, avoiding the dull, dark feeling created by a fully opaque roof.

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