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General Solar PV Questions

Got a question about solar PV in general? With over 20 years experience, we're sure to have the answer.

Q. Do you really manufacture in the UK?

Yes.  GB-Sol is the only manufacturer of conventional solar panels in the UK and we have been manufacturing solar panels in Soth Wales since 1999.  Romag & Sharp were other notable solar panel factories in the UK, but their manufacturing operations are now sadly closed.

GB-Sol is the only solar panel manufacturer on the Made in Britain website:

As for other companies you might across in a web search for UK solar panel manufacturers, the following call themselves manufacturers but don't claim to have any factories or production assets:

Viridian - yes, they are a British company and they have their own designs, but their products are all sub-contract manufactured in the Far East.

UKSOL - with a name flatteringly like our own, UKSOL was founded in 2015, is privately owned and the 2019 accounts show a net worth of minus £200k. While the website claims "The British Solar PV Module Producer", the small print says that their panels are sub-contract manufactured in the EU, to which UKSOL then add a "30 year British warranty".



Q. What is the best system size to fit?

It really depends on the roof area available and the household's power need. Most domestic PV systems are between 2-4kWp. 4kWp is the largest possible without requiring consent from your electricity distributor.

Q. What maintenance does a solar PV system require?

Provided the panels are at an angle greater than 15 degrees, they are self cleaning and require no additional maintenance other than a standard annual electrical check.  For our comprehensive weatherproofing warranty available on PV Slate and the Roof Integrated System, systems must be inspected and serviced every five years.

Q. What’s your manufacturing lead time?

Our lead times can vary greatly depending on our current order book. For a domestic system, it’s usually between 4 and 8 weeks. We can give you an estimated lead time on request though this will be subject to change until we receive your order.

Q. Does my roof need to face South?

No, although a South facing roof will generate the most energy, East and West facing roofs can also be suitable for solar. In fact as they often generate more in the morning and evening, they can work out more cost effective if your home is empty during the day.

Q. Do I need permission from the electricity distributor?

For a system under 4kWp you do not need permission to install, but if connecting to the grid, they should be informed of the installation and commissioning

Q. Are you solar PV installations earthed?

Our systems are designed to be non-earthed system and should not be connected to the earth or any lightning protection system. Earthed systems can erratic faults and system trips, create small currents that degrade the panels, and make it easier for a person to become part of a high voltage circuit in the event that they come into contact with a damaged part of the system.

GB-Sol Infinity solar roofs on the Chobham Rd awar

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PV Slate at Futurebuild, London Excel, March 2023

PV Slate will again be exhibiting at Futurebuild.  Please do come and visit us and let us know more about your projects.  Our team will be on hand to answer any questions you might have about PV Slate, Infinity solar roofs or solar PV in general.

Futurebuild is at Excel, London and runs from Tuesday 7th to Thursday 9th March.

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