Solar Panels

Our range of standard low-iron glass panels cover power outputs from 5W to 200W, mono and poly-crystalline cells, black or white backsheets and anodised or powder coated frames. Hidden busbars are standard on all black panels. We also make our ‘Leisure’ range of anodised aluminium panels that can be gently curved to follow a rigid surface.  All panels are available with either monocrystalline or polycrystalline cells.
Please download any of the standard data sheets by clicking on the model name in the table below.  If you need any additional information to that provided on the data sheets please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Select the product numbers to download data-sheets.


779 x 671 x 35
GBS 80W - 100WGBS 80W – 100W
1202 x 535 x 35
GBS 120W - 130WGBS 120W – 130W
1307 x 655 x 35
GBS 135W - 140WGBS 135W – 140W
1475 x 665 x 35
GBS 155W - 160WGBS 155W – 160W
1327 x 832 x 35
GBS 175WGBS 175W
1139 x 981 x 35
GB-Sol 180W – 200WGB-Sol 180W – 200W
1327 x 986 x 35
GB-Sol 200W –210GB-Sol 200W –210
W1638 x 828 x 35
GB-Sol 220W –225WGB-Sol 220W –225W
1482 x 986 x 35
GBS 230W – 260WGBS 230W – 260W
1638 x 986 x 35
GBS 240W–270W-EnhancedGBS 240W–270W-Enhanced
1638 x 986 x 35
GBS 300W – 320WGBS 300W – 320W
1676 x 1148 x 42
GBS 330W – 360WGBS 330W – 360W
1676 x 1306 x 42

About our Solar Panels

GB-Sol manufactures custom Solar Panels and mounting systems for a wide range of applications; from BIPV, roof integrated systems (RIS) and architectural features, street lighting and water features, marine, caravan and motorhomes, we thoroughly enjoy spending time on projects that are challenging and worthwhile.

UK Production at our Pontypridd factory means we provide very green solution reducing the delivery distances and through our use of recycled aluminium in our mounting systems. GB-Sol actually manufacture solar panels, not just assemble component parts. This makes us very flexible, providing support, design services and bespoke products for the most challenging of BIPV or product related requirements.

As an installer if you need our help, you can ask for our attendance at client meetings to show you have manufacture backing from the start.


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