Solar Panels for Boats & Yachts

If you prefer to stay away from shore power then marine solar panels are just what you need. Unlike a generator, solar panels for boats are quiet, environmentally friendly and have no on-going costs.

We make lightweight, semi-flexible and rigid solar PV panels for use on boats and yachts. We have a whole range of sizes (datasheets are available on request) which are available direct from chandlers and specialist fitting companies.

We also make bespoke marine panels and panel kits for boats with unusual shape deck areas (triangle, trapezoid), please email us with dimensions for an estimate, or click here for more details of this service we call Sculptiflex.

Flexible solar panels can be used to create a flush finish and can even be walked on, or solid framed glass panels can be used for a higher power density and for extra mounting options.

Marine Solar PV Specialists

It is important to use marine solar panels to ensure that you have a system designed to withstand the harsh conditions at sea. We have been currently supporting an adventurous young lady Becky Scott on a 6000mile single handed yacht race by supplying and advising on a Solar PV power supply for her 21? yacht.

Marine applications for solar PV bring many design challenges and operational issues which GB-Sol have handled extensively. For many years we have been making a wide variety of durable, flexible, fully weatherproofed panels for use in critical applications such as buoys and lighthouses, as well as for boats and yachts.
Click here for details of our crystalline silicon PV module for marine applications

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