Renusol mounting systems

Solar Distributor is the UK distributor for Renusol solar PV mounting systems.  Renusol GmbH develops and sells high-quality patented mounting systems for almost all common PV systems for commercial, industrial and private use.
Renusol products in stock
Plastic tray mount – ConSoleRenusol Console roofCustomised system alternatives for fast, simple and cost-effective mounting – suitable for ground mounted systems, waste sites, rocky foundations, conversion sites, etc.Low ballast version also available.


Flat roofs – TriSoleRenusol TriSoleThe TriSole system is ideal for installing solar systems on flat-roofs of corrugated and trapezoidal sheet or for mounting oversized framed PV-modules. The TriSole triangular mounting system is either fastened directly onto the north-south or east-west rails or heavy duty panels or attached to the corrugated or trapezoidal sheet roofs using hanger bolts.
Metal roofs – MetaSoleRenusol MetaSoleOur mounting solution MetaSole enables fast installation of framed modules on roofing with trapezoidal metal panels having a sheet thickness between 0.40 mm and 1.00 mm. low-cost, uncomplicated, versatile.
Other Renusol products also available
IntraSoleRenusol IntraSoleWith the newly developed IntraSole SR and CL systems, Renusol offers solutions designed and tested specifically for France. Both are intended for the highest possible feed-in remuneration in France in force from January 2011. They meet the requirements of aesthetics, function and technology.
Roof integrated – InterSoleRenusol InterSoleIntegration of PV modules on the roof laths on pitched roofs. Mounting of modules independent of size and manufacturer.
Roof integrated – InterSole XLRenusol InterSole XLIntegration of PV modules on the purlins on roofs for agricultural and commercial buildings that have a roof covering made of profiled corrugated sheets or carrier profiles.  BIPV-Mounting Solution for agricultural and commercial buildings.
Ground mount – TerraSoleRenusol TerraSoleThe adaptable and patented ground PV mounting system by Renusol. For all framed PV modules with 34-51mm frames and thin-film modules.

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Tiled roofs – VarioSoleRenusol VarioSoleVarioSole is an approved and all-round on-roof mounting system for solar PV modules of any make and size onto tiled roofs.