Renusol mounting systems

GB-Sol is a UK distributor for Renusol solar PV mounting systems.  Renusol GmbH develops and sells high-quality patented mounting systems for almost all common PV systems for commercial, industrial and private use.

Plastic tray mount – Renusol mounting system

Plastic tray mount – Console+

The special aerodynamic design of the Console+ means it requires low ballast levels and can be sited on flat roofs and other surfaces with an inclination up to 5°. On the outer rows of any array there is the option to fit the Streamliner+ which is a deflector which dramatically reduces the oncoming wind loads and in turn the ballast required.This enables the Console+ to be sited on roofs with as little as 15kg/m² of ballast requirement.The low angle (15°) reduces the spacing between panels (caused by one shading the other). Air slots incorporated in the design allow for effective ventilation of the PV panel. Installation is simple and fast providing a very cost effective solution. GB-Sol the UK distributor for Renusol mounting systems.


Renusol mounting system – TriSoleRenusol TriSole

Flat roofs – TriSole

The TriSole system is ideal for installing solar systems on flat-roofs of corrugated and trapezoidal sheet or for mounting oversized framed PV-modules. The TriSole triangular mounting system is either fastened directly onto the north-south or east-west rails or heavy duty panels or attached to the corrugated or trapezoidal sheet roofs using hanger bolts. GB-Sol the UK distributor for Renusol mounting systems.


MetaSoleRenusol MetaSole - Renusol mounting system

Metal roofs – MetaSole

Our mounting solution MetaSole enables fast installation of framed modules on roofing with trapezoidal metal panels having a sheet thickness between 0.40 mm and 1.00 mm. low-cost, uncomplicated and versatile. Each panel will have a minimum of four Metasole ‘feet’ which are placed on the peak of each trapezoidal element. Each foot has an EPDM base which interfaces with the surface of the roof. Two self-drilling, self -threading and self-sealing screws secure the foot before tightening the clamp onto the panel frame. Typically Renusol suggests 1 kWp of panels can be installed every 10minutes. Edge clamps and middle clamps make up the fitting options. Middle clamps bridging and securing two adjacent panels. Edge clamps being used for the perimeter of the array. GB-Sol the UK distributor for Renusol mounting systems.


Renusol mounting system - New East West Flat roof system – FS10

New East West Flat roof system – FS10

The innovative FS10 flat roof mounting system works perfectly with PV installations of any size with an east/west orientation. The mounting system’s modular construction offers exciting new prospects for planners and installers. GB-Sol the UK distributor for Renusol mounting systems.

Rail-free east/west 10° PV system – The FS10 system comes without mounting rails and can be installed with a single tool. All you need to mount a PV installation onto the FS10 system is a 13 mm combination wrench. As the system consists of few components, it is easy to handle on building sites. In addition, the rail-free PV system allows water to be drained away freely and offsets any possible interference to the PV installation caused by thermal expansion. In contrast to systems with rails, the rail-free PV system compensates for any unevenness in the roof and can be fitted around obstacles more easily.

Optimal flat roof solution comprising just four main components – The FS10 mounting system comprises four main components, namely a building protection mat, mounting base, support and crest. The mounting bases are available in different designs and can be equipped with a suitable building protection mat. Thanks to the flexibility of its modular design, the system can accommodate for all roof structures and is guaranteed to be compatible with various roof coverings.

Highly compatible with modules – Modules are fixed to the crest via a clamp on the back of the module frame. The crest is compatible with almost all framed modules on the market. PV modules are securely attached using an integrated spacing block including highly pliable locking straps. The crest allows for a variety of different connection configurations for equipotential bonding and earthing.

Low amount of ballast protects flat roofs – Thanks to its 10° angle of inclination, the FS10 system is optimally aerodynamic and can therefore be constructed with a low amount of ballast. The system comprises mounting bases combined with ballast, allowing it to be set up quickly and easily. Depending on the installation’s location, additional ballast can be avoided altogether in most cases. All connectors and components have been tested using numerical calculations and are therefore compliant with the regulations of the German Centre of Competence in Civil Engineering (DIBt).


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