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UK distributors for AES’s solar thermal panels – UK Manufactured thermal kits for domestic and industrial applications and heating swimming pools


AES Solar thermal collectors are designed to be highly efficient, durable, yet extremely lightweight, allowing for easy installation and trouble-free operation for more than 25 years. Utilising a high efficiency, selectively coated aluminium absorber plate that is metallurgically bonded to a rhombic copper waterway, the solar collector fins provide superior heat absorption and conductivity, as well as long-term durability.

This absorber is combined with a light-weight, twin-walled glazing that possesses excellent optical properties while creating an unsurpassed outer thermal insulation layer, ensuring that solar energy is retained within the panel for water heating.


Swimming Pools, Schools, Office & Apartment blocks

aes-flat-roof-array_500_236These panels come in a range of sizes and configurations designed to match the hot water requirements of smaller or larger homes, as well as large-scale applications such as swimming pools, schools, office and apartment blocks and industrial processes.

AES has an extensive range of standard solar collector sizes. Because all solar collectors are manufactured on site in Scotland, AES can custom design collectors to fit specific size requirements. Download the data sheet here

AES Solar systems are based around the AES flat plate collector, any of our designs is a culmination of over 30 years of experience in the solar industry. AES make a full range of flat plate solar thermal collectors at their UK manufacturing plant that are lightweight and highly efficient. These are ideal for both the new build and retrofit markets. AES is the UK’s original solar heating system manufacturer based in Scotland and has been manufacturing solar hot water systems since 1979.


AES Solar thermal panels are available in a broad range of shapes and sizes

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Solar Distributor also stock a complete range of solar thermal ancillary equipment for complete systems

aes solar equipment


Tested By: 
University College Cardiff, TNO The Netherlands, National University of Singapore, EN12975 by ITW

Life Expectancy: more than 25 years

Guarantee: 10 years


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