Solar Carports

Solar Carports designs

‘Sol-Port’ Solar Carports

Are dual-purpose structures providing cover at the same time as generating green electricity with an income from the Feed In Tariff.

Financially the solar carport structure will pay for itself with payback varying by location and orientation. Once the initial cost is covered, the FIT income will generate a return on the investment.

‘Sol-Ports’ solar carports can be provided with internal rain water drainage, optional lighting and vandal resistant electrics, you choose the specification. Maybe even add charging ports for electric cars or site vehicles.

You will encourage greater usage of your car parking, and maximise returns through increased usage and PV generation income. GB-Sol can provide a full turnkey design and installation service anywhere in the UK.


Solar PV Carports at a Glance

  • Stand alone or multiple bay
  • Single or Twin Row designs
  • Enhanced or Utility styles – Choice of Pricing point
  • Option of no Support Posts at the front of the canopy – Easy to Park without door opening restrictions
  • High Bay options for commercial vehicle parking
  • Electric Vehicle charging points built in as option
  • Inbuilt LED lighting and batteries as an option
  • Steel construction with either galvanising or powder coating in any RAL colour
  • Each bay has peak power capacity of 2 kWp
  • There is no restriction on bay orientation – adaptable for all directions
  • UK Manufacturer enhances your CSR profile and environmental carbon footprint
  • Option of clear-backed panels to allow light through
  • Single bay versions can be fitted with individual inverters and isolators in vandal resistant enclosures.
  • Centralised inverters can be selected for group installations.
  • The designed roof angle is 15º to ensure self-cleaning to reduce system maintenance.
  • 10-year durability warranty with 20-year degradation warranty for the solar panels



solar carport design

The illustrations show two basic styles, a stand alone or single row design and a back to back version to maximise layout possibilities. The single bay illustration shows the “Enhanced” range with the “Utilitarian” in the multi-bay image.

GB-Sol also produce high bay versions for commercial vehicles as well as domestic versions for individual use.

The steel construction is either galvanised or powder-coated depending on customer preference. Powder-coated versions can be produced in any RAL colour.


Each solar carport bay can typically produce 2kWp of energy during daylight hours. There is no restriction on bay orientation. Single bay versions are fitted with individual inverters and isolators in vandal proof enclosures. If part of a group or bays then centralised inverters can be selected.


20130630_125256smallCantilever Design


By using the cantilever design with support rail within the foundations there are no front supporting poles that could easily be damaged as vehicles manoeuvre into the bay. Users will also find parking easier as the absence of supporting legs at the sides of the bay allow for easier opening of car doors.




W Frame DesignDSC_0124small

The W frame design is available at a lower cost to the cantilever but it does require supporting legs, however they don’t greatly obstruct car door opening. It has a smart look and can be used on single rows (as shown on right) or back to back.
The legs are positioned every 3 spaces or in the case of wider disabled or family spaces, every 2.



GB-Sol Panel Options


Bespoke Sizes


Although our carports are compatible with most panels, using GB-Sol panels can open up a range of possibilities. For example, if your car-parking spaces are not a standard size (2.5m by 5m), we can make bespoke panels to fit, maximising the output from each space.

Clear Backing

We can also offer the option of clear backed panels. Our panels have a novel interlocking frame that creates a fully watertight roof with the clear backing on the panels allowing light to pass through. We can also modify the spacing of the cells to your specification to allow as much light through as is required. Of course as there’s a trade off between light and power output, we can find the perfect balance for your system with our customised design service.



The designed roof angle is a minimum of 15º to ensure self cleaning and making the system maintenance free.
The only maintenance requirement would be a standard annual electrical check. The design is also maximised to prevent vandalism.

As well as the 20 year generation warranty GB-Sol offer a 10 year durability warranty GB-Sol can also offer solar PV walkways, bus shelters and other forms of canopy.

If you are interested in talking to one of our solar professionals please contact us today by phone: 01443 841 811 or e-mail us.

You can also download our solar carport brochure below for more information.



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