PV Slates

solar slates


GB-Sol introduces PV Slates.


Designed to blend into the roof as seamlessly as possible, PV Slates are barely distinguishable from the slates surrounding them. As they’re available in both grey and black, they are suitable to be used with a variety of different slates and tiles. Just let us know the details of the slate you’re using and we can advise on the best match.

GB-Sol’s knowledge and experience in the industry is second to none as we installed the first solar roof in the UK in 1994. So you know you can trust that your new PV Slate system will not only look great but perform exceptionally well too. We provide a 10 year product and performance warranty.

The solar PV Slate is a photovoltaic unit that visually emulates a row of 3 standard 24” x 12” (600 mm x 300 mm) ‘Duchess’ roofing slates. PV Slates are installed using three stainless steel screws through preprepared holes along the top edge of the unit and two stainless steel roof hooks at the bottom edge of the slate, on a 270 mm batten gauge.

The product is designed to be linked together in a series of ‘strings’ to feed DC electrical power into a suitable inverter for either on-site consumption or export.

The system can provide a peak PV output of 1kWp from a roof area of around 7.5m2.

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Please download our product data sheet for the technical specification including warranty information. You can also contact us for more information.



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