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Standard Panels

Our manufacturing division provides a custom solar module service that can manufacture a PV module to meet almost any specification. PV silicon cells are cut, laid out and strung together to meet the client’s power requirements, before being laminated to produce a durable and weatherproof PV module, ready for wiring to the inverter.GB-Sol can manufacture the following:

  • Glass/glass laminates
  • Non-standard or custom size panels
  • Flexible panels
  • Dummy panels to fill in gaps in your PV System
  • Coloured back sheets and frames
  • Calibrated reference cells for the scientific monitoring user

We Manufacture Bespoke & Custom Solar Panels

Solar car 1Our aim is to provide unique solutions to a range of bespoke solar requirements and as such, have developed a range of products to suit a variety of consumer needs. Please contact us at[email protected] for more information or if you have any questions regarding our bespoke solutions.

In addition to our low-cost panel range, we can configure solar cells to any combination of voltage and current requirements, which can then be laminated between a wide variety of materials, including curved panels of varying radii.

GB-Sol also develop system mountings, wiring looms, and control systems. We also produce complete sub-assemblies, where our team will integrate custom panels with free issue parts from the client to produce sub-assemblies ready for installation into the finished product.

And remember we still manufacture ultra-lightweight PV panels for solar race-cars!

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