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GB-Sol’s new Sol-Port solar carport

Thursday, 21 July 2016

This week, we completed construction of our ‘Sol-Port’ solar carport outside our factory. Nine photovoltaic (PV) panels are integrated into the structure providing a 2.25kWp system. This should generate approximately 1885kWh per year. The panels are semi-transparent, so there is a pleasing dappled light under the canopy, avoiding the dull, dark feeling created by a fully opaque roof.

We have now commenced the second phase, which is to install a battery storage system and double EV charging point. This will further increase our self-consumption of the green energy generated and allow our visitors to charge their vehicles. We hope that the display will demonstrate to other businesses and to EV drivers, how they can get the most out of their car park.

A third phase will follow, where we will install LED lighting under the canopy to make it a better place to park in the dark winter months.

W Frame Design

This ‘W-frame’ car port has minimal side support, allowing easier parking and access in and out of the vehicle. It has a smart look and can be used individually, in single rows, or double rows back to back.
The legs are positioned every three spaces or in the case of wider disabled or family spaces, every two spaces.

The Benefits

Even without electric vehicles (EV) to charge, the Sol Port can still make financial sense as the energy generated can be directed to supply the building instead. A solar carport can also qualify for the government’s Feed in Tariff depending on its size and location. Solar Carports can be especially useful in cases where a building’s roof is not optimal for solar PV. For example, if the roof is north facing or has roof lights or dormers, then a carport can be the ideal location. They also provide a covering to protect your vehicle and can be combined with a walkway or canopy to allow shelter from the elements from the vehicle to the building.
For more information on the different types of Solport carports, please see here


We will also be incorporating solar carports into our monthly installer training course. This is an area of solar that is growing in popularity and something that should greatly interest our trainees. We will be able to use the final structure to illustrate how to complete the installation.