The Green Party Visit GB-Sol

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GREEN-PARTYLast week The Green Party visited us at GB-Sol Ltd ahead of the Welsh Assembly elections.

Party leader Natalie Bennett visited with Amelia Womack, the green party candidate for South Wales Central and Anthony Slaughter the green party candidate for Cardiff South and Penarth.

The group came to see the new developments of the Cleantech cluster, a newly formed cluster of innovative clean technology businesses of which GB-Sol Ltd is a part.

The other members include Energy Transitions Ltd, Solar Polar Ltd, and our sister company EETS Ltd. (more…)

The Next Market – Industrial Roof Integrated Solar

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Industrial solar panelsNot just for residential properties, a GB-Sol roof integrated system (RIS) can be a great solution to commercial, industrial roofing or asbestos roof replacement.

These buildings often have a much larger roof space and can benefit from a larger solar installation, ideally at 50kWp and achieve the optimal FIT rate. Also as they’re usually more energy intensive during the day, they’re ideal premises to benefit from the solar energy produced.

Depending on the size of the PV system and the energy consumption on site, very little will probably be exported and so higher returns and shorter paybacks can be achieved. (more…)

The BBC visit GB-Sol

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lib dem climate changeThis week the BBC visit GB-sol for an interview with William Powell to launch the Lib Dem plan to protect the environment.

Plans to cut Wales’ net greenhouse gas emissions to zero and meet its electricity needs entirely from renewable sources by 2050 have been announced by the Liberal Democrats.

Halving the energy used for heating and electricity by 2030 is also among their environmental policies for May’s assembly election.

Lib Dem AM William Powell said Wales must do more to tackle climate change.

Locally ‘Grown’ PV

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Solar panels on schoolsAs the fastest growing PV manufacturer in the UK, GB-Sol is uniquely placed to offer a local solar experience.

That is exactly what we did recently for our local council, Rhondda Cynon Taff, producing enough panels for 30kWp systems for local schools in Mountain Ash, Beddau, Pontypridd and Llanharry.

The project included fitting displays to show the pupils how much power is being generated, the cumulative energy created, and the amount of CO2 that has been offset. The entire program was completed from start to finish in 5 weeks.

Manufacturing and installing five hundred PV panels with local installers AP Electrical within just 10 miles (more…)

GB-Sol PV roof forms part of a home

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bespoke solar panelsGB-Sol have partnered up with Dwelle, a developer of new sustainable houses. Our roof integrated solar (RIS) photovoltaic system is now available on a new custom built ‘’ home.

Winner of ‘Britain’s Future Home’ award in 2013 for the ‘Lifetime’ , the design has enormous support and we are happy to be a part of it. The Lifetime proves that sustainable, energy efficient homes are not only part of the future, they already exist. They are also available at an affordable price.

With many different customisation options, there’s the opportunity to design a unique home in a simple and manageable way. (more…)

Who is killing off the UK solar industry?

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solar panelsProfessor Susan Roaf Chairwoman of  ICARB asks ‘What’s wrong with the British energy policy – and how can we fix it?’

(In 1994 Sue was GB-Sol’s first Roof Integrated System (RIS) customer. Her well known “Oxford Eco House” was fitted with the very first solar PV roof to be installed in the UK, and she has been a strong advocate of solar ever since please see an article about her house in last weeks Sunday Times (29 Nov 2015). The following is copy of her letter to a government adviser and paraphrased in the Sunday Times).

Earlier this month Susan Roaf had been invited by the German Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt (UBA)) to attend a high-level workshop to discuss (more…)

RIS Triangular Array installed in a day

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DSCF5695 325 X 200GB-Sol’s accredited installer Eco-Trades, based in Paignton Devon, used our RIS array to provide a triangular array to provide a feature roof on this new home.
This picture shows the system mid-installation and shows the RIS frame installed ready to accept the PV laminate panels to complete and seal the roof.

The entire array was installed in a day despite the less than ideal weather. This quick and easy installation is one of the many benefits of the RIS system. (more…)

Solar Panel Manufacturers and the 2016 carbon emission regulations

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solar panel manufactures emissions

Property developers and builders whether building homes or commercial buildings are obligated by even more stringent carbon emission regulations coming into force in 2016.

Despite the proposed change in government grants from Jan 2016, Solar PV is still a very cost-effective way of making sure that new home and commercial buildings comply with the carbon compliance standards for 2016.

In fact, solar panel manufacturers have continuously reduced the price of solar panels since 2011, with prices having fallen as much as 70%. For the average new build home, the cost of solar panels is now less than £2000 whereas in 2011 it would have been nearer £6000. (more…)

Worried by the 87% FIT proposal cuts? Then read on….

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DECC’s proposal for an 87% reduction in the FIT will have shocked all solar PV installers and there are many who are no doubt worrying where the orders will come from if this proposal is confirmed and introduced in January 2016.

But there are considerable markets available where the FIT is not necessarily the driving factor and we have the products to support them.

Everyone is aware of the small off grid opportunities but with the housing developers targeting 250,000 new homes a year, we need to be persuading them that a GB-Sol aesthetic in roof solar PV array should be included in all their new builds. Of course, the same applies to Housing Association new builds too. (more…)

Britain’s first ‘energy positive’ house opens in Wales using GB-Sol PV and mounting system

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CapturePowered by the sun, this low cost three-bedroom house is the first in the country to produce and sell more energy than it uses.

Working with the Low Carbon Research Institute GB-Sol produced the solar PV panels in our Pontypridd factory for the  Solcer House at Cenin in Stormy Down, Wales.

For every £100 spent on electricity used, it should be able to generate £175 in electricity exports. Photograph: Cardiff University

Part of the development used GB-Sol transparent backed modules  which can be seen being installed using our RIS integrated system. (more…)

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