Roof Integrated System (RIS)

integrated roof solar

In Roof Solar – Roof Integrated PV Panels

The RIS system was designed in the UK by GB-Sol in 1994 and has evolved into the perfect solution for mounting integrated PV panels within a roof surface and to withstand all weather conditions experienced in the UK and beyond.

In 2013 it was awarded a Solar Power Portal Award for its innovation. “Combo” versions are now available, these provide the ability to install both PV and solar thermal in the same aesthetic array.

BRE tested

bre testedWorking with BRE as partners in the EUR-Active Roofer project, the RIS system was used to develop the tests which inject dense tropical rain in the horizontal airstream from a wind tunnel in front of the roof, while simultaneously imposing a vacuum behind.  This simulates the very worst case conditions and shows that RIS is completely watertight even when rain is leaking through the surrounding tiles or slates.  As the system is supplied as a complete kit (see kit contents below) including solar panels, the only extra items an installer needs are their basic tools and van consumables.

In Roof Solar – Benefits

  • RIS schematicVery quick payback periods
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Self sufficient in sealing the roof
  • Ideal for full or part roof systems
  • Requires no additional membrane
  • Dual systems for ingress protection
  • Installed throughout the UK (since 1995)
  • Suitable for facades too in the FIS format
  • Tested by BRE (Building Research Establishment)
  • For part roof (centre) or full roofs like the example above
  • Provides a flush installation to the surrounding tiles
  • Quick and Easy to install as only assembly required
  • Can be produced to exact dimensions with generating triangle and rhomboid shaped panels an option,  no cutting, just assemble!
  • GB-Sol will size and design your scheme upon receipt of the basic information providing a detailed quotation and kit list
  • The system offsets the cost of the standard roof covering e.g. tiles or slates, and the time on a bare roof can be significantly quicker than cutting tiles and fitting hooks

RIS Concept

The RIS system is unique in using solar panel laminates, the structure of the mounting system itself forming the frame-work.

GB-Sol standard 250-285W (or smaller) laminates are easy to manage on the roof. Our ability to manufacture bespoke size laminates also allows for complete utilisation of the roof area.

Each panel is supplied complete with EPDM edge gaskets that complete the sealing of the roof.  The mounting system frame-work provides backup drainage in the unlikely event an installer may damage the gasketing.

Once a roof is at its normal membrane level the RIS system can be fitted directly to the battens using the standard fixings provided.

When the framework is in place solar PV laminates are added and the capping strips are riveted in place, retaining the panels by compressing the gaskets to form a perfect seal.

Finally the surrounding flashing kit is installed. These are aluminium with the option to be powder coated and will have been designed exactly for the array specified. Fitting is simple without any cutting or adjustment.

Design Service

The GB-Sol design service is free.  Once we have some basic details of the installation we will respond with an initial quotation, showing the array size and also the total dimensions of the array plus its flashings.  If the array is full roof width the flashing detail is amended accordingly. Flashings for more complex layouts are also available.

The RIS kit will be supplied to your site complete and ready for installation.  All parts will be of the correct dimensions to fit the agreed design so you do not have to cut any rails or drill any holes, as this will all be completed for your integrated PV panels.

Along with the RIS system we also offer a full design service for BIPV – Building Integrated photovoltaics for commercial custom builds.

RIS Kits

GB-Sol can provide complete Roof Integrated kits for installers, delivered direct to site.  Kits include solar PV modules (panels), inverter, cabling, isolators, meter, clamps, rails, capping strips and instructions. We also supply free RIS training, giving you the opportunity to become a member of our ‘recommended fitting team’ Read More>

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