Solar Design Service

solar design service

Design and Troubleshooting Service

We have an experienced team ready to help design the complete solar PV system you need. Experience is essential to ensure that products are safe,  durable and reliable in their long term operation.  We engineer custom mounting systems and modules for the most challenging building integration. We pride ourselves on being able to turn an idea in to reality. Our solar design service team are skilled users of our own in-house design tools and industry standard tools including: Solidworks,  AutoCAD, PV-system and many proprietary sizing programs for specific manufacturers of solar PV equipment.

Physical Layout – Optimising the space available with the optimum panel choice

Electrical Sizing – Matching all of the electrical components to cost-effectively maximise output

Fixing and Mounting System Design – Calculation of spacing and fixing strengths for specific wind load criteria and exposure ratings

Building Integration Design – Producing details to link specialist PV components with the other components in the building

Aesthetic Design – Visualisation of the PV installation as part of the surrounding environment

If you need assistance in design for a challenging solar PV project, or need help troubleshooting an existing solar PV project, click the picture below to see a two minute video on how we can help.

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