Bespoke solar PV modules

GB-Sol manufacture a wide range of PV modules and roof mounting systems at our production facility near Cardiff.

In addition to our low cost panel range, we can configure solar cells to any combination of voltage and current requirements, which can then be laminated between a wide variety of materials, including curved panels of varying radii.

GB-Sol  also produce complete sub-assemblies, where our team will integrate custom panels with free issue parts from the client to produce sub-assemblies ready for installation into the finished product.

We also develop system mountings, wiring looms, control systems and ultra-lightweight PV panels for solar race-cars.


From parking meters to lighthouses, street lights to yachts, we can manufacture the PV modules you need

Motorhomes, Caravans & Boats

GB-Sol manufacture a range of semi-flexible solar panels which can be customised to the shape of your roof or deck on your vehicles



Bespoke Modules Manufactured

Our design and manufacturing service can produce durable panels from a wide range of materials, shapes and sizes



Standard Solar Panels

GB-Sol manufacture a wide range of low cost panels, available both framed and unframed, with hidden busbars and in traditional silver or black


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